Asalamu alaykum rehmatullah wa barakatuhu

Discover Islam Hong Kong was established in 2010 as a small society by enthusiastic eight young men inspired by a visiting scholar of Madinah during the Holy Month of Ramadan; to promote the message of Quran and Sunnah based on the methodology of Salaf As-Salaheen.

Due to its strict adherence to Quran and Sunnah, initially this organization went through a lot of troubles and tribulations mainly caused by the so-called existing Islamic Organizations that were indulged – from head to toe – into Shirk and Biddah. Alhumdulilah, steadily the light of Quran and Sunnah begun to enlightened the common Muslims’ life in Hong Kong and widely scattered inquisitive Muslims under the umbrella of Quran-o-Sunnah.

To meet the ever growing demand of the community, we felt a need to establish a centre to educate and reform the unsettling youth of Muslims in Hong Kong. Hence, Markaz At-Tawheed Was-Sunnah was founded in 2013. The news of Markaz’s inception spread quickly like a wild fire and Muslims from all corners of Hong Kong and even Southern China started to attend Markaz in masses. Thus, a diverse and multicultural community was formed with its members from different backgrounds and origins included but not limited to Arab, Chinese, Pakistani, Indian and African Muslim residents of Hong Kong. In a short period of a couple of years, Markaz became the hub for social and religious gatherings, festivals, educational and amusements programs.

Alhumdulilah, with the grace of Allahu Subhanahu tallah; our organization has become a registered NGO with Hong Kong SAR Government since 2014.

Mission and Vision

As ambassadors of Islam in Hong Kong, we at Discover Islam of Hong Kong strive to educate the masses in Hong Kong through seminars, street talks and workshops, etc. Our mission is to:

  • – to educate and teach true teachings of Islam through Quran and authentic Hadiths
  • – to portray and propagate the peaceful message of Islam in its true form
  • – to clear misconceptions about Muslims and Islam
  • – to revive Islamic culture and spirit among the Muslim youth
  • – to give dawah to people with the best possible ikhlaq
  • – to provide support and educational services to Muslims as well as non-Muslims alike


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